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IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics

From Data Analysis Software

(6 reviews)

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IBM SPSS Statistics is a tool that makes statistical analysis easier. It can help you perform detailed research & a... Read More About IBM SPSS Statistics
Custom Tables and Advanced Statistics add-on Complex Sampling and Testing add-on Forecasting and Decision Trees add-on +8 More
IBM BigFix is one of the best endpoint security software for organizations. It addresses the major challenges for compa... Read More About IBM BigFIX
Compliance Management Easy Administration of the Complete Lifecycle Inventoy Management +5 More
IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud

From Data Analysis Software

(4 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes
IBM Cognos Analytics is a technology-driven by AI that helps to get hidden insights with personalized analytics on a bu... Read More About IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud
Analytics & Reporting Governance & Policy Management Access Control +5 More
IBM Security Guardium
IBM Security Guardium is a cyber security solution for companies to protect data from online threats and attacks. It i... Read More About IBM Security Guardium
Analyze your data risk Protect your critical data Seamlessly adapt to changes +6 More
IBM Watson Speech To Text
IBM Watson Speech to Text is one of the most flexible speech recognition software for the integration of speech transc... Read More About IBM Watson Speech To Text
Speech-to-Text Analysis Multi Language Support Real Time Monitoring +2 More
IBM Rational Functional Tester
IBM Rational Function Tester is an automated software for testing software applications. Built by “Rational Software... Read More About IBM Rational Functional Tester
Storyboard testing Automated testing Data-driven testing +2 More
IBM Maas360
IBM MaaS360 is a futuristic cloud-based unified mobile device management system suitable for multinational enterprises... Read More About IBM Maas360
With Watson insights Complete cloud UEM Intuitive user interfaces +7 More
IBM Spectrum Protect Entry Managed Server License
IBM Spectrum Protect simplifies data protection, whether data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or clou... Read More About IBM Spectrum Protect Entry Managed Server License
Easy to Use Efficiency that scales Hybrid cloud and object stores +5 More
IBM Aspera Clustered 1 GBPS server
IBM Aspera high-speed file transfer enables organizations to rapidly transfer large files and data sets - whether struct... Read More About IBM Aspera Clustered 1 GBPS server
Scalable performance Maximize speed Security +1 More


From Collaboration Software

(1 reviews)

Box is a file sharing and collaboration tool that offers companies a secure platform for content management and collabor... Read More About IBM Box
Transform work Reduce Risk Drive innovation +5 More
IBM Security AppScan Source
IBM Security AppScan Source can identify and fix vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications prior to deployment, red... Read More About IBM Security AppScan Source
Cost-effective application Central Management Improved intelligence through integration +7 More
IBM SPSS Modeler
IBM SPSS Modeler is a futuristic machine learning and statistical analysis software for enterprises that help them tap... Read More About IBM SPSS Modeler
Support for many data sources Easy Model Deployment Data Preparing +5 More
IBM WebSphere
IBM WebSphere is an app development software providing a solid platform to application developers for flexible and conf... Read More About IBM WebSphere
WebSphere Application Server WebSphere on Cloud IBM Cloud Private +6 More
IBM Rational Publishing Engine
With IBM Rational Publishing Engine, a company is capable of automating the generation of document-style reports across... Read More About IBM Rational Publishing Engine
Format Export Templates document Management +4 More
IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage

From Cloud Storage

(2 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes
IBM Cloud Object Storage is an advanced storage solution that offers high security, durability and resilience to your d... Read More About IBM Cloud Object Storage
Storage Optimization Data Migration Data Security +7 More
IBM Watson Assistance
IBM Watson Assistance is a conversational AI platform used by companies to provide customers with accurate, fast and fo... Read More About IBM Watson Assistance
Omni-Channel Engagement Integrations Data Privacy +3 More
IBM Digital Business Automation
IBM Digital Business Automation helps businesses in automating their redundant tasks and increasing productivity. Its us... Read More About IBM Digital Business Automation
Task Management Content Management Workflow Management +2 More
IBM Security AppScan Enterprise
Manage your company’s application security with IBM Security AppScan Enterprise. The application security solution... Read More About IBM Security AppScan Enterprise
Scalable Application Dashboards Manages Policies +5 More
IBM Business Process Manager
Efficiently automate, monitor and optimize your organization’s business processes with IBM Business Process Manage... Read More About IBM Business Process Manager
Optimize Core Access and prioritize tasks Enhance decision-making +5 More
IBM Server Care Pack

IBM Server Care Pack

From Server

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes
IBM Server Care Pack is a complete Server designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Server for Web-Based... Read More About IBM Server Care Pack

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Last Updated on : 25 Jul, 2021