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  1. What is Distribution Software?
  2. Benefits of Distribution Software for Distribution Companies & Enterprises
  3. Steps to Selecting the Best Distribution Software for Your Business
  4. Distribution Management Software Features

What is Distribution Software?

Managing supply chain or controlling inventory, every such operation becomes streamlined with distribution software. It provides advanced order processing and financial management capabilities. Distribution management software is designed for controlling costs and reducing order times involved in a supply chain process.

You can stay ahead of the competition with reduced procurement costs using distribution management software. It helps with inventory tracking and warehouse management along with order processing and supply chain management. Managing data across warehouses is easy with real-time visibility into transits and costs. Distribution management system software is a complete enterprise resource planning system that assists in other critical processes like sales and customer support.

Thus, every customer query or concern regarding logistics delivery can be addressed efficiently. Distribution software provides an automated way to the distributors to effectively manage their overall operations including orders, inventory, shipping, salesforce, warehouse, etc.

Benefits of Distribution Software for Distribution Companies & Enterprises

Distribution management solutions are highly configurable and easy to use. Reporting, accounts payables and order entries are some such advantages of using this software. Other such benefits of distribution management software are:

  • Convenience for customers

Distribution software automates sales order processes for fast and efficient product delivery. Invoicing and ordering processes are automated by distribution management software for reducing cycle time and ensuring satisfactory customer support service. The entire process starting from placing orders to setting credit limits till final shipping and delivery is made hassle free by distribution ERP software.

  • Bulk breaking

Distribution system software ensures that the products can be moved from distribution centers to the destination as a single unit. This bulk breaking is required for controlling costs across the entire distribution and supply chain. The bulk breaking feature further helps with better space management.

  • Improved vendor relationship

Distribution management software optimizes and automates supply chain operations such as generating purchase orders as well as managing other purchase-related processes. These are necessary for improving vendor relationships so that there is always a regular supply of goods for distribution. Vendor management capabilities of distribution software assists in generating timely, error-free invoices and managing the supply from vendors in terms of quality and quantity.

  • Better time management for enterprises

You can use software for distributors for managing accounting, warehouse, inventory, supply chain and other important processes. With all your distribution-related processes being taken care of, you can work more towards improving sales and customer service.

  • Mismatch monitoring

Mismatch monitoring is one such feature that helps departments across a business keep track of wrong entries. Distribution system software can be used for checking inconsistencies in a company's record to make sure there is no mismatch between inventory levels and the orders in transit. Once mismatch monitoring is implemented, it is easier to avoid problems in delivery, sales record and trading.

  • Reduced costs in stock & transaction management

Monitoring transactions and stock status become easy with distribution management system software. Because most of these monitoring and calculating tasks are automated, the cost of running these operations is very low.

  • Efficient processing of claims

Wholesale distribution software, through real-time offers and stock tracking, helps businesses sell more. The software can be further used for tracking claims throughout a distribution chain. You can use verification protocols provided by these applications for managing reclaims.

  • Outstanding reports for credit limits

Distribution software solutions help with collection and outstanding reports generation that let a business have complete control over credit limits. The feature could also be used for locking credit bills as and when the need arises. Managing ledger accounts, analyzing fund flows as well as entering for customers their opening balance is fast and efficient with distribution ERP software.

Steps to Selecting the Best Distribution Software for Your Business

Organizations today are establishing competitive advantages and lowering operational costs with sales and distribution management software. Along with the supply chain and order management functionalities, you need to check for these factors while selecting the best distribution software.

  • Process automation for customer retention

Process automation offers visibility into a stock that is available or in transit to improve product delivery services for customers. Sales and distribution management software can be further used for tracking products, optimizing quotes and faster resolution of issues to ensure happy and satisfied customers.

  • Automated order processing

Sales and distribution management software's automated order processing capabilities help with configuring rules and order status for applying for discounts/promotions. All updates regarding shipment information, current pricing and inventory are made readily available by the best distribution ERP software solutions. End-users can configure these processes based on the workflows.

  • Reduced-order timings

Dealer distribution management system helps with not just fulfilling orders and improving customer service but also automating warehouse management procedures for reducing order times. The software does this by making tasks such as physical counting, transferal and packaging completely automated. Immediate alerts are generated every time such items get scanned for entry into the system that haven't been purchased to further help in decreasing order times.

  • Data visualization tools

Wholesale distribution software lets you estimate the profitability margins by product line, business unit or warehouse. The data visualization tools help in the process by spotting cost overages and drags on profit margins through detailed financial reports.

  • Returns management

Tracking of damaged returns shipped to suppliers can be done easily with the dealer distribution management system. You can further use this module for managing product replacements, issuing replacements/credit notes and entering item wise remarks. Businesses also use this feature for making returns based on the purchase price.

  • Managing financial accounts

Making voucher entries and auto-scheduling for clearing outstanding debts are core support features of this module. Controlling the entire approval process for validating transactions also gets simplified through distribution software. You can further rely on this software for reconciling receipt instruments.

Distribution Management Software Features

With a range of distribution software available in India, choosing the best one is a tedious task. While buying an ideal distribution software, ensure the following features:

Along with distribution ERP software's abilities to promote revenue growth with updates sales data reports, you can trust this software for distributors for eliminating data errors and redundancy.

  • Barcoding

All orders must be barcoded for unique identification. The best distribution solutions provide barcode integration within the software. Businesses can use barcode features to mark the orders uniquely and use these barcodes for future references.

  • Import & Export Management

Various import and export operations can be effortlessly managed with special features in the distribution software. Excise and tax calculations along with other legal formalities can be seamlessly fulfilled with extensive features.

  • Purchase management

Purchase orders can be generated for new purchases and all purchase details such as quantity, rate, vendor, etc. can be captured. Supplier details can also be recorded with their performance and order history.

  • Sales Management

All sales functions including sales orders, party details, mode of payment, quantity sold, etc. can be administered with comprehensive features in the software.

  • Inventory Management

Complete inventory control can be enforced with inventory management features, which allow businesses to maintain re-order level, stock in hand and the auto stock update on each transaction or stock transfer.

  • Order Management

Orders taken from customers need to be managed efficiently. Orders can be generated, payments can be recorded and the stock can be simultaneously auto-updated. The order status can be tracked effectively with intuitive features.

  • Returns Management

Returned orders must be notified to the concerned authorities, detailing should be recorded and appropriate actions should be taken. The best distribution software supports returns management effortlessly.

  • Shipping Management

Orders can be scheduled for dispatch and delivery. Shipment details can be preserved for the later use and the delivery status of every order can be tracked on the go with special features.

  • Warehouse Management

The distribution software also allows efficient warehouse management. Stock transfers, IOT/batch transactions, gate pass are some of the few functions that can be automated with distribution system software.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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FAQs About Distribution Management Software

Key functionalities you would find with the best distribution management software are: Account receivables and cash management Billing and invoicing Inventory replenishment Electronic data interchange Interactive management reporting Sales order entries and analysis Barcode & re-order management

Some of the best pharma wholesale software for managing the entire supply chain cycle are: Blue Link ERP- Windows Marg- Android, iOS and web-based Smart Pharma Distribution Software- On-premise CloudSuite Healthcare- Web-based BatchMaster ERP- Windows, Android, iOS & web-based Pharmaserv- Windows

Sales and distribution ERP software help with streamlining processes such as inventory, orders, accounts, warehouse and sales. These operations are automated using the best distribution management system software and their core automation features. With distribution system software, businesses will not just save costs involved in manual processes but also gain the competitive edge amongst other key players. Customers too gain in the process with the software's return management, shipment tracking and such order processing functionalities.

Let us have a look at the key features of wholesale software: Inventory and returns management Rep and route management BI and MIS reports Margin and control price Multi-store management Account and order management

Bbnisys eLDMS

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D' Katia Van Sales

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GOFRUGAL Sale & Distribution


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RezNext ReX - Intelligent Distribution Platform

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Agile Labs AxpertLogOps

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Angler Logistics


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Eazy DMS

By Eazy Business

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Logo Vira

By Logo InfoSoft

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An organisation can improve their enterprise planning and management with Vira. This Distributors Network Management Sys... Read More About Logo Vira

JAGGAER Supplier Management


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By NowApps Technologies

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Infor Distribution Software

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By Flick2know Technologies

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MAssist Distribution Management System

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What is Distribution Software?

Managing supply chain or controlling inventory, every such operation becomes streamlined with distribution software. It provides advanced order processing and financial management capabilities. Distribution management software is designed for controlling costs and reducing order times involved

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