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14 Best Electrical Design Software in 2021

What is an Electrical Design Software?

Creating a schematic diagram is the first step in any electrical design project. It is these electrical design software solutions that help end users develop schematic diagrams. These are essential as such schematics make it possible to define different pins in an electrical component.

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Autodesk Autocad LT

Autodesk Autocad LT

By Autodesk

(2 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Autodesk AutoCAD LT is one of the industry-leading Computer-aided design software for engineers. This CAD software come... Read More About Autodesk Autocad LT
User Interface Annotations Performance Management +8 More
SmartDraw Software

SmartDraw Software

By SmartDraw

(4 reviews)


SmartDraw Software is a comprehensive floor plan software. The software offers 4500+ templates and 70 different diagram... Read More About SmartDraw Software
Intelligent Formatting Professional Results Integrated +4 More
Dwg Fastview Plus

Dwg Fastview Plus

By Gstarsoft


Dwg Fastview Plus is a complete 3D CAD Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This 3D CAD Softwar... Read More About Dwg Fastview Plus
Automatic Reporting & Submitting Customer & Supplier Visibility Project Management +5 More

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Electra Cloud

Electra Cloud

By Electra Cloud


Drag & Drop Page Layout Smart Wires +7 More
EPLAN Electric P8

EPLAN Electric P8

By Eplan


Autoconnecting Design tools Automatic Reporting & Submitting +3 More
See Electrical

See Electrical

By Confidentality


Easy to Use Wire Numbering Interface


By Zuken


User-Defined Manufacturing Page Layout +6 More

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Solid Edge

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By Aveva


Seamless Integration Collaboration Compliance +4 More
Cadison E&I Designer

Cadison E&I Designer

By itandfactory


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High voltage & low voltage Real-Time Calculation Power balance considering +5 More
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Last Updated on : 18 Sep, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Electrical Design Software

Found our list of Electrical Design Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is an Electrical Design Software?

Creating a schematic diagram is the first step in any electrical design project. It is these electrical design software solutions that help end users develop schematic diagrams. These are essential as such schematics make it possible to define different pins in an electrical component. Once all pins get defined, you can create logical connections for each one of them. 

Popular electrical circuit design software deploys electrical figures for developing professional electrical diagrams. You can even prepare layouts of PCBs or printed circuit boards using these applications. The entire procedure is based on standard electrical symbols and signs. Therefore, minimal effort is required for drawing electrical images. Also, there are built-in smart connectors for drawing blueprints, wiring diagrams, and other electrical drawings.

Features of Electrical Design Software

  • Circuit diagrams

Create unique circuit diagrams and models with electrical diagram wiring software. This method uses the dragon to draw functionality that helps end-users save a lot of time and resources.

  • Intelligent objects & symbols

Electrical house wiring diagram software supports intelligent objects and symbols to make your electrical model designing process a breeze. These are called intelligent for the simple reason that just by moving a cursor over these, you can determine the exact behaviour of any logic, circuit or system. 

  • 3D PCB

Electrical schematic drawing software solutions support 3D printed circuit boards (PCBs) for making complex dimensional sketches. The procedure is highly flexible as it lets you switch easily between folded and flattened representations. 

  • CAD tools 

In electrical diagram wiring software, you will find in-built CAD tools for creating electronic designs. CAD tools are mostly used for preparing designs for electronic components, footprints of board layouts as well as enclosures for each electronic part. 

  • Schematic editor 

The schematic editor is used for combining mechanical and electrical designs. The feature can also be used for extracting schematic components and creating panel layout designs. 

  • Option management

Option management is helpful because it makes the possible representation of variants for doing customer-centric specifications. The variants selected can also be documented in the feature tree section. 

  • Managing data designs 

The best electrical design software lets you manage data designs in the easy way. The process covers connections list, bill of materials and datasheets assembly instructions. 

  • Configuring wire numbers

Popular electrical simulation software allows for quick configuring of wire numbers. The software performs this function using signal classification and circuit functionality. 

  • Technical diagrams 

Electrical schematic drawing software can be deployed for drawing all types of technical diagrams. Hydraulics, pneumatics, control circuits, etc., can be drawn easily with this software. 

  • Project documentation 

In order to facilitate, quick project documentation, the best electrical design software lets you open as many windows as possible at once. You can even work on multiple projects, all at once using this module. Combining documents from different applications in an operating system into a project's structure is also easy with this module.

Benefits of an Electrical Circuit Design Software

  • Inside view for spaces designed

Get an inside view of all your designs using electrical wiring diagram software. The software comes in both open source and paid versions. You can create circuits, or open them using multiple sources with the electrical circuit drawing software. Also, available is a parallel viewer in 3D format for getting an inside view.

  • Polygon based model for 3D objects

Polygon based designing is meant for drawing animations of multiple electronic parts. The feature is best suited for simulating electronic components, implementing textures on 3D parts as well as visualizing all parts of a design. 

  • Dynamic tools for 3D visualization

Electrical schematic drawing software solutions offer an assembly of diverse wires, buttons and parts. These are critical for doing 3D visualizations especially when assembling multiple objects, or designing an enclosure of electronics. 

  • Templates of brackets & enclosures 

Electrical wiring diagram software feature templates for all kinds of panels, brackets and enclosures. You can select the right template that will very well suit your design. Also, you get several graphics and labeling tools for doing appropriate cut-outs. 

  • Revision management to track changes 

All changes made can be tracked with this revision management module. All revisions can be documented in a format of your choice that is textual and graphical. 

  • Easy to draw panel layouts

Electrical CAD software supports automated component and wire numbering as well as cross-references. These are the tools that help in creating qualitative layout designs for panels. 

  • Customizable and integrable

Once all the designs are ready, you can integrate them into either any post design process or other areas of a project. Such areas could be pneumatic, electric, or mechanic. The software is customizable too. It enables you to create customized libraries and shortcuts. 

Best Electrical CAD Software for Drawing Electronic Designs

Popular electrical CAD modules for drawing different types of electrical designs. Let us have a look at them in the infographic here.

Electrical CAD software for Software for mechanical, electrical and plumbing design.

Technical Functionalities of Electrical Circuit Design Software

  • Simulation engine 

Numerical solver with mixed-mode capabilities for making all simulations run quickly and with extended precision. 

  • Plotting engine 

Plotting engines within an electrical wire diagramming solution make it possible to work with multitude of signals. This is usually done using plotting windows, calculations for signals and horizontal/vertical markers. 

  • Behavioural expressions 

Behavioural Expressions provides algebraic calculations for rapid iterations. You can also document these processes. 

  • Symbol creation

The software can be used for drawing rectangular systems. These are later on utilized for wiring system level diagrams and IC. 

  • Presentation schematics 

You can use presentation schematics built within electrical wiring diagram software for developing design documents. Some of these tools are sharp printing capabilities, vector PDFs and easy exporting into SVG, PNG and EPS. 

  • Smart wires 

Smart wires within electrical CAD software help in rearranging components and connecting all terminals. These are great for enhancing the design efficiency of a system.

Evaluation Criteria for Selecting the Best Electrical Drawing Software

  • Build box: Build boxes are quick to access tools designed for preparing compact schematics. Build box is an automated process, based on intelligent technology. These are important and make sure that its simulator performs its job well. 
  • Customized drawing tools: Customized drawing tools make it easy to add to the designs and add an assortment of different non-linear elements, digital components, mixed modes and feedback elements. 
  • Simulation capabilities: Simulation capabilities offer critical parameters for preparing the stepping circuits. 
  • Circuit URLs: Circuit URLs are unique codes that need to be deployed for making the entire sharing and collaboration process easy. 
  • Browser plotting: This module is effective for analyzing how fast exactly a circuit is performing. 
  • Expression evaluation: Expression evaluation is important for plotting arbitrary signals like power dissipation, differentials, etc. 
  • Display values: The format for displaying values needs to be intuitive and user friendly. 
  • Easy to use wire mode: This mode is necessary as it connects components in a few single clicks. 
  • Cross-window support: Cross-window support makes it easy to re-mix different parts of public circuits. 
  • Mixed-mode: Mixed-mode is trusted for doing circuit simulations on both digital and analogue components together.

FAQ iconElectrical Design Software FAQs

Basics of schematic design within electrical design software are important for initiating connectivity between different symbols of electrical components.

There are essentially three steps to complete a schematic in printed circuit boards (PCBs). First, you have to orient all symbols in a schematic sheet. Make sure that this sheet is blank. Secondly, ensure electrical connectivity for each part before assigning it any names or values. Finally, run an ERC (electrical rule check) to make sure that everything is connected. 

Inbuilt into popular electrical circuit drawing software is this easy to use toolbar. The toolbar offers various options for simulating logic circuits. Some of these are ground, arithmetic circuits, flip flops, multiplexer, logic gates and I/O circuits.

First of all there are multiple tools available like relays, diodes, logic gates, switches and capacitor for drawing circuit designs. To ensure their completion, there is available another set of tools such as shapes, symbols, wires and text to confirm a circuit connection. You are free to save these designs in either web format or PNG one.

Given here is electrical design software list that would make the entire circuit designing process a breeze. Buy any of the following for completing your electronic and electrical projects.

  • Fritzing
  • Logism
  • Eagle
  • Proteus
  • Digi-key
  • Lucidchart
  • Circuit Maker
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