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  1. What Is Healthcare Software?
  2. Popular Types of Healthcare Management Software
  3. What are the Unique Features of Healthcare Management Software?
  4. What are the Benefits of using Healthcare Solution?
  5. Key Modules of Healthcare Management Software
  6. How to Choose Healthcare software systems?

What Is Healthcare Software?

Healthcare software helps various medical facilities streamline and automate their everyday medical and non-medical operations. It has been designed to serve hospitals, clinics, laboratories, health centers, healthcare professionals, etc.

Healthcare management software offers multiple functionalities such as data recording, medical billing, prescription writing, patient portal, staff portal, payment getaways, and more. These functionalities help them in providing better medical services, improving patients' satisfaction, maintaining financial records, digitizing the record of all important data, and more.

Popular Types of Healthcare Management Software

  • Medical database software: Medical software is used to store patients’ medical histories and their treatment plans. It categorizes data based on disease type along with the patient profile and helps in clinical research.
  • Appointment scheduling software: Helps various healthcare providers to manage their appointments with patients. They can schedule appointments, send reminders to patients, reschedule appointments, and more.
  • Medical billing software: Medical billing software helps medical facilities to track patient invoices, check due payments, and perform financial operations.
  • Medical equipment management software: The software relieves healthcare facilities from manual stocktaking and the maintenance of medical equipment. It also helps schedule medical equipment maintenance and sends alerts as the inventory level goes down.
  • E-prescribing software: With this type of software, medical professionals can send, renew, cancel or track prescriptions of their patients.
  • Medical Imaging Software: It helps them in creating 3D designs of human anatomy to study it properly before planning any surgery or operation.
  • Medical Diagnosis Software: With AI-based technology, medical diagnosis solution studies the available patient data to perform precise diagnostic procedures without any data discrepancies.
  • Personal Health Record software: This software helps patients and doctors maintain a complete record of medical data related to their condition. It helps doctors to easily monitor patient health with this data.
  • Healthcare CRM Software: It helps in improving interaction by maintaining pre and post treatment communication with patients.
  • Healthcare compliance software: This type of medical software helps medical facilities to stay compliant with various industry standards including promoting PHI (Patient Health Information) security and confidentiality.
  • Healthcare Contract management software: It helps medical facilities to manage all types of contracts at one place. They can easily store, sign, and renew different contracts with this software.
  • Healthcare Claims Management Software: This solution is used to streamline and automate the entire procedure of managing patients' claims. It helps them to process all the claims faster and facilitates payment processing.
  • Healthcare BI software: Healthcare BI solution helps organizations to collect, categorize, and analyze different data types to gain valuable insights and reduce operational inefficiencies.
  • Medical Practice Management Software: It streamlines and automates tasks involving patient care, appointment scheduling, medical billing, claims processing and similar tasks for medical practices.

What are the Unique Features of Healthcare Management Software?

  • Patient Scheduling: Medical practitioners can automate the entire procedure of patient scheduling. They can schedule patients depending on patient type, staff availability, time duration, medical condition, etc.
  • Patient Registration: Patients can register themselves to avail the services of any medical facility through the online portal. By filling in their personal info, medical condition info, mobile number etc., to avail services without any need to wait in the physical facility.
  • Medical Billing: Manage patients' claims submission, get medical information with medical billing codes, check with insurance companies to get payment, and more.
  • Patient Portal: Maintain a customized portal for every patient to check their personal info, medical history, medication list, recent checkup, payments made, etc. This data can be used to decide an effective treatment for them.
  • Medical Records: Easily maintain the medical record of every patient including their medical history, tests results, clinical trials, treatment methods, etc.
  • Claims Management: You can use patients' insurance claim information and track ID numbers to learn about the amount covered under insurance policies.
  • Image Archiving: It helps you to manage the storage and retrieval of various DICOM images such as x-rays, CT scans, CAT scans, MRIs, etc.
  • Shift Management: Schedule and manage shifts of all the employees at your healthcare facility easily with healthcare software. You can schedule their shift, check their time offs, approve leaves, and more.
  • Prescription writing: You can easily create, print, maintain, and send different types of prescriptions to your patients and maintain the database for the same.
  • Communication Channel: Communicate with your patients and staff directly through this software via multiple communication channels including emails, messages, or phone calls.
  • Appointment Management: Allow patients to fix, cancel, or reschedule appointments with your healthcare facility as per their time slot and doctors' availability. You can also prioritize appointments based on the emergency condition of the patient.
  • Staff Portal: Easily create a portal for every staff member of your facility to track working hours and leaves, check salary credit and salary slips, send meeting reminders, etc.
  • Payment Getaways: Healthcare professionals can provide their patients with multiple getaways options such as credit or debit card, net banking, direct money transfer to streamline payment procedures.
  • Reminders: You can easily send notifications and reminders to your patients for regular medical checkups, due payment, medicine intake, and more. You can also send reminders to the staff to attend to patients, due tasks, or for a meeting.
  • Data Security: A healthcare solution enables you to keep all the patient's data and facility-related information confidential and secure. It protects the data against unauthorized use or breaches.

What are the Benefits of using Healthcare Solution?

  • Better Data Management: Medical software helps medical facilities manage bulk data, including patient medical records, bills, staff attendance records, etc. It does it by storing them in a centralized database where they can be searched and retrieved easily.
  • Enhanced Finance Management: With healthcare software solutions, medical professionals can record, track, and maintain all financial transactions. This includes medical bills, staff salary, equipment management expenses, patient’s insurance claims.
  • Better Management of Medical Equipment: Users can easily manage operational expenses, automate their inventory stocking, and schedule maintenance for their medical equipment. This helps them to manage their equipment better and ensure their availability.
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction: With patient engagement software, patients can easily register themselves, check for doctor’s availability, schedule appointments, track their health, and much more that improves patient experience.
  • Automate Everyday Tasks: Medical professionals can automate various tasks including patient scheduling, data entry, patient health tracking, invoice generation, etc., easily through this healthcare solution.

Key Modules of Healthcare Management Software

Here are different types of healthcare solutions such as:

  • Hospital Management: It helps hospitals to streamline and automate day to day operations. It helps them to manage the patient's information, record history, manage staff, and more.
  • Clinic Management: With this module, medical professionals can effectively manage and operate their clinics. They can manage appointments, generate prescriptions, check patients' medical history, etc.
  • Pharmacy Management: This module assists pharmacists, druggists, and chemists to manage their pharmacy store. It helps them to recognize expired items, barcode products, generate invoices, etc.
  • Laboratory Management: It helps laboratory technicians to collect and manage the collected samples and the data related to them. It further helps them with barcode labeling and patient data management.
  • Blood Bank Management: Blood banks can automate various tasks related to blood collection such as creating donor lists, tracking blood units, managing inventory, etc.
  • Homeopathy Management: It helps homeopathy practitioners to record patient information, create prescriptions, store homeopathic medicines info, and more.
  • Dental Clinic Management: This module is designed for dentists to effectively manage their clinical operations. They can view periodontal charts, schedule appointments, send prescriptions to patients, etc.
  • EHR and EMR Software: An EHR helps record patient health information digitally. An EMR solution is used to record a patient's medical information in digitized charts.
  • Telemedicine Management: It assists medical professionals in carrying out meetings and appointments with patients via online medium. It has video conferencing, chat, e-prescription, and billing subsets to easily communicate with the patients.
  • Ayurvedic Centre Management: The module is developed for doctors and pharmacists and provides them with all the resources and data they need to make better decisions about their patients.
  • Prescription Management: It is used by medical and healthcare professionals to generate and deliver prescriptions to their patients.

How to Choose Healthcare software systems?

Consider the following factors to choose the right Healthcare CRM to run your medical facility:

  • Features: Check for all the unique features in software that compliments your medical facility requirements.
  • Data Security: It should follow certain data security protocols to keep the facility and patient’s data secure.
  • Cost: Check for the cost, as it must be within your estimated budget.
  • Integration: It must integrate with similar healthcare software solutions such as pharmacy management, e-prescription, appointment scheduling software for better management.
  • Compliance: Healthcare software systems should be compliant with various medical regulations including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It will help in keeping your patient’s sensitive information confidential and secure.
  • Dashboard: It should have an easy-to-use dashboard to view all data, tasks, and related information at one place.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software is the most used software in the healthcare industry. It is used by various medical facilities to record all the information related to the patient digitally including the medical history, personal info, diagnosis details, and so on.

The purpose of any medical software in the healthcare industry is to streamline and automate everyday operations, such as data entry, medical bill generation, appointment scheduling, patient health tracking, etc.  

There are different types of hospital software developed for hospitals to manage their everyday operations. Some of the software used in hospitals includes Halemind, SIMPLEX HIMES, Smartsheet, athenaOne, etc.

There are multiple software available to manage day-to-day operations of clinics. Some of the best software to manage clinics are Halemind, Medixcel EMR, E-Procto, NHCircle, etc.


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Web Clinic Management Software

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Drug Inventory Management System

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FAQs About Healthcare Software

There are different types of healthcare software solutions available for medical professionals to run their facility. Some of the most popular ones include Ecogreen, Desidesign Hospital Management ERP, Practo Insta, etc.

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