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  1. What is Screen Sharing Software?
  2. What are the Common Types of Screen Sharing Software
  3. What Makes a Great Screen Sharing Software
  4. Most Common Features of Screen Sharing Software
  5. 7 Benefits of Screen Sharing Software
  6. List of the Screen Sharing Software
  7. Trends of Screen Sharing Software
  8. Who Uses Screen Sharing App for PC and Mobile

What is Screen Sharing Software?

Screen sharing software is a computer application that helps broadcast content from one device to multiple other devices. Screen sharing tools make is easy to collaborate, share data, and demonstrative products or services.

Computer screen share software can be used for collaborating and sharing the content on your screen with several participants, all at once and it can even be embedded to websites for starting quick online sessions. Desktop share software ensures frictionless collaboration with online attendees through cloud recording and viewer registration. You can share screens, swap presenters, share mouse access, and more with mobile and PC screen-sharing software solutions.

What are the Common Types of Screen Sharing Software

Desktop-based screen share software and screen sharing apps can either be used in a standalone manner or as an important module with video conferencing solutions. Top video conferencing solutions come with advanced screen sharing modules to allow users share screens and contents while interacting via audio and video.

What Makes a Great Screen Sharing Software

Device compatibility: Remote screen sharing software should work on both mobile and desktop so that it is easy to share content even while on the go. Multi-device compatibility is a convenient feature for large teams.

Collaboration features: Windows desktop sharing functionality provides collaboration features like switching the presenter, co-browsing, co-editing, combined annotation, etc.

Time for screen sharing: Desktop sharing applications let you share the screen with teams for an unlimited amount of time. This is the best part that there are no time restrictions to share contents with other devices.

User numbers: Popular desktop screen share software makes it possible for teams to share the screen with as many users as there are available.

Web Access: Online screen sharing software requires no installation and can be easily accessed on the web across any device.

Most Common Features of Screen Sharing Software

Live Chat with a Group: Group lives chat feature is useful for participants of a session to interact with each other without interrupting the flow of the presenter.

Audio & Video Conferencing: Most screen-sharing solutions allow the integration with audio and video collaboration platforms. This allows users to communicate through the channel of their choice.

Screen sharing: Computer screen share software offers advanced controls for both screen sharing and recording purposes.

Annotation option: Screen sharing tools provide annotation options to mark on the screen what exactly the presenter is talking about.

Hosting private sessions: Desktop share software provides temporary passcodes to help you host private sessions directly from the browser, which can be joined by any participant irrespective of the device available with them.

Sharing audio & video: Mobile and PC screen sharing software can be used for sharing videos and audio with participants in real-time.

Presenter swap: Screen sharing software for windows and other devices makes it easy to switch roles from a viewer to a presenter and vice-versa during online sessions and screen sharing.

Remote access: Desktop sharing applications allow admins to transfer control of the mouse to another participant for screen and file sharing during sessions and meetings.

Inbuilt phone system: Screen sharing tools have an inbuilt phone system to initiate HD video meets, audio conversations, text messaging, and document collaboration.

Quick integration: Best apps for screen sharing can be integrated with your website or existing apps for simplifying workflows.

HTML viewer: Best apps for screen sharing provide an HTML viewer that can be used by other attendees for joining the online session directly through the web browser or mobile devices.

Session recording: Some of the top screen sharing tools allow the recording of screen sharing sessions for the later use.

Preview: While you are sharing your screen with attendees, you can also have a view of what your screen looks like.

7 Benefits of Screen Sharing Software

1. Real-time screen sharing: The best screen share software would let you share the screen in real-time easily either through a web browser or the installed app.

2. Extensions for live sharing: Best apps for screen sharing offer browser extensions so that the person with whom the screen has to be shared doesn't need to download any application.

3. Reduces Costs & Saves Time: Businesses can connect with their vendors and customers virtually through good quality screen sharing. It saves time on frequent traveling and follow-ups.

4. Easy to record screen sharing sessions: Screen sharing apps for PC and mobile let you save your sessions immediately in the cloud for quick access later on.

5. Drag and drop functionality for easy sharing: This tool in remote screen sharing soft helps to share content with other participants in a conversation window.

6. Quick & hassle-free collaboration: The best screen share software allows seamless collaboration by letting team members co-browse and co-edit content.

7. Simple online meets: Windows desktop sharing or online meets, both these are quite simple given the screen-sharing app’s easy interface.

List of the Screen Sharing Software

TeamViewer Share Screen: TeamViewer is a desktop share software using augmented reality and remote connectivity for connecting online with clients and remote teams. Screen sharing can be done using the application's advanced remote control access capabilities. The remote screen sharing software is best for organizing online meetings and collaborating with team members.

AnyDesk Screen Sharing: AnyDesk screen sharing app is ideal for sharing and transferring files from remote locations. The feature of Unattended Access provides an easy connection from any location for sharing the screen. What makes AnyDesk unique is its highly secured file-sharing system that depends on TLS 1.2 technology and standard encryption.

GoToMeeting Share Screen: GoToMeeting desktop screen share software ensures one-click meetings. Hosting and managing online meets become quite easy. Screen and file sharing during such sessions is hassle-free too with GoToMeeting desktop share software. The software also offers cloud recording, voice commands, and a room launcher.

RingCentral: RingCentral is a screen-sharing app for PC supporting file and screen sharing, task management, video conferencing and text messaging capabilities. Invite participants and set up quick virtual meets with RingCentral's easy user interface.

Screenleap: Screenleap screen sharing software for windows and iOS offers browser extensions along with easy to install apps for file sharing purposes. The platform's added extensions are convenient options especially for attendees or clients as they don't have to install any app for viewing the screen or swapping presenters.

Trends of Screen Sharing Software

Screen sharing software as is used for sharing a computer screen with other collaborators is a critical resource for growing businesses. The usage of these tools has sort of doubled post-pandemic and the market and latest trends indicate a favorable trend for screen sharing tools.

Some contributing factors have led to an escalation in the demand for screen share software. A Forbes, Hubspot study 2020 highlights these factors:

  • Around fifty-five percent of companies are supporting a remote workforce 
  • This number is about to touch more than seventy percent by the year 2022 
  • Currently, thirty percent of employees are working from remote full time 
  • Between the years 2010-20, the percentage of remote workers has risen by 400 percent 

Let us have a look at some of the important screen sharing software trends:

Wide adaptability: Desktop screen share software is adapted across industry verticals for internal communication. Group meetings, brainstorming, discussions and monitoring the work, the software is used for all these activities and more. Then there are sales and business development teams, which use the platform for collaborating with key stakeholders for product demos and professional communication.

Improved integrations: Not just wide deployment but also technological developments have made the software quite advanced in its functioning. New product innovations have made it easy for the screen sharing solution to be integrated with video conferencing and webinar software solutions.

Demand for cloud-based screen sharing solutions: Based on the deployment type, currently it is the cloud-based model, which is witnessing high demand. This has been so because screen sharing with multiple stakeholders at once is easy with a cloud-based solution. Plus, these can be customized as per a business's requirements and are cost-effective.

Who Uses Screen Sharing App for PC and Mobile

Mobile and PC screen-sharing software is best suited for conducting demos, webinars, and team meetings. These screen sharing apps for PC and mobile function well as video conferencing apps for arranging HD online audio and video sessions. Hosting the screen for file and screen sharing is hassle-free with screen-sharing tools. The software has vast usage amongst:

  • Start-ups and SMBs 
  • Students and educators 
  • IT professionals 
  • Software vendors 
  • Remote and WFH teams 
  • Business enterprises 
  • Telecommunication companies 

Best apps for screen sharing provide multiple features like collaborative annotation, host switching, annotation tools communication logs, and more. Share quickly the screen with the best screen share software and connect with a wider audience or remotely located teams for efficient work collaboration.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Microsoft Teams

By Microsoft

4.6 (5 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Microsoft Teams Essentials is a collaboration tool that allows offices to work from anywhere seamlessly. It's a standal... Read More About Microsoft Teams


By AnyDesk

4.5 (4 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

AnyDesk is the fastest remote desktop software, which is used by IT professionals to connect with a remote device to fi... Read More About AnyDesk

Cisco Webex

By Cisco Systems

4.8 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

Cisco Webex Meeting Center with VOIP and PSTN is a web-based remote collaboration software. Cisco Meetings allows users... Read More About Cisco Webex


By LogMeIn

4.1 (1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

GoToMeeting is a Web Conferencing & Online Meeting Software offered by LogMeIn. The software allows users to host o... Read More About GoToMeeting

FAQs About Screen Sharing Software

The best screen sharing software for arranging online meets and HD video/audio conferences are:  Mikogo  Splashtop  Surfly  Drovio 

Some of the best screen sharing apps for PC that ensures seamless collaboration and efficient workflows are:  Zoom  Webex Meetings  BlueJeans Meetings  GlobalMeet Collaboration  StarLeaf  Circuit

Let us have a look at some of the best apps for screen sharing and  web conferences are:  ezTalks  AIRTAME  Demodesk  Samepage  Upscope  Ditto

Some of the best desktop share software for screen and file sharing are:  Visiple  ClearSlide  Groupworld  Liveconf  Workstorm  Crankwheel



Price On Request

Mikogo is a screen sharing and remote access software designed for office use. The software is capable of handling live... Read More About Mikogo



Price On Request

RingCentral is a web-based video conferencing software. That helps its users initiate collaboration, screen sharing, me... Read More About Ringcentral

LogMeIn Rescue

By LogMeIn

Price On Request

LogMeIn Rescue is a remote support software that allows users to connect to any device PC, mac, or mobile securely on... Read More About LogMeIn Rescue


By Clickmeeting

Price On Request

ClickMeeting is a webinar software that helps cater to the needs of your leads, customers, and team members. It helps i... Read More About ClickMeeting

Amazon Chime

By Amazon

Price On Request

Amazon Chime is a web-based video conference software that helps businesses schedule and conduct online meetings irresp... Read More About Amazon Chime

Zoom Meetings

By Zoom Video

4.4 (8 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Zoom Meetings is a top of the line video conference software that has an in-built real-time messaging function. Users... Read More About Zoom Meetings


By GoBrunch

Price On Request

GoBrunch is a cloud-based webinar software and virtual classroom platform for marketers, companies, educators and instr... Read More About GoBrunch


By Anymeeting

4.4 (3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Anymeeting Conferencing is a reliable video conferencing software that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Users ge... Read More About AnyMeeting


By Uberconference

4.5 (3 reviews)

Price On Request

UberConference is an intuitive web conferencing platform, enabling its users to schedule audio and video conferences as... Read More About Uberconference


By Highfive

Price On Request

Highfiveis a complete Collaboration Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Collaboration Sof... Read More About Highfive

ClickShare Presentation

By Barco

Price On Request

ClickShare Presentation is a complete Web Conferencing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. Thi... Read More About ClickShare Presentation



Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

VidyoConferencing is the best video confrencing software and it helps messaging and xollaboration. It Delivers higher-qu... Read More About VidyoConnect


By Surfly

Price On Request

Surfly is an all-in-one Screen Sharing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Scre... Read More About Surfly


By Livestorm

Price On Request

Livestorm video conferencing software helps you to create exciting and informative webinars in minutes. You have multip... Read More About Livestorm


By Vectera

Price On Request

Vectera is a complete Meeting Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Meeting Mana... Read More About Vectera


By CrankWheel

Price On Request

CrankWheel is an all-in-one Screen Sharing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based... Read More About CrankWheel

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How to Screen Share?

Sharing computer screens can be done with the help of screen sharing and desktop sharing software tools. Through these apps, you can record meetings, add multiple participants, collaborate with teams, and undertake cross-platform messaging.

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Microsoft Teams ₹118 /Month 4.5
AnyDesk ₹18644 /Year 4.4
GoToMeeting ₹12626 4.1
Zoom Meetings ₹18384 /Year 4.4
AnyMeeting ₹825 4.4

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Namrata Singh

review for Microsoft Teams


"Ideal tool for remote working where you can chat, video conference even document sharing."

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Pawan Singh

review for GoToMeeting


"User-friendly platform with privacy and safety features. You can capture the moment while we are attending the meeting"

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review for Zoom Meetings


"Appoint allows you to do everything above, as well as allowing you to easily schedule meetings with international clients, project managers, and colleagues!"

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badal mittal

review for AnyMeeting


"Generally easy to use. Allows for screen share and upload of documents. Network has been good. Allows for recording of meetings and access later."

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