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Marg ERP 9+

by : Marg ERP

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Marg ERP 9 +
Marg ERP 9 +
Marg ERP 9 +

Marg ERP 9+

by : Marg ERP

Starting Price ₹8850/Year Inclusive of all taxes
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Brand: Marg ERP

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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Marg ERP 9+ Software Overview

What is Marg ERP 9+?  

Marg ERP 9+ is an ERP software that allows businesses to generate invoices, track inventory, generate reports of financial activities and MIS, file GST returns, and more. 

Marg ERP 9 accounting software is used across different industries like retail, distribution and manufacturing, pharma and FMCG.  Advanced Busy ERP 9+ functionalities include POS, loyalty management, barcode, schemes & offers management. Froms mall kirana shop to supermarkets and jewellery store, Marg ERP 9+ includes specialized features for every business type.  

Marg ERP software can be used by small, midsize, and enterprises. Marg ERP also offers integrated mobile apps, namely, eRetail for retail customers, eOrder for field salesmen, and eOwner for business owners. 

Main Features of Marg ERP 9+ software 

  1. Data Transfer: Marg software enables users to create, maintain, and share financial details and plans like pricing policies, scheme launch, item wise pricing, discount policies, and taxation policies. 
  2. Generate standardized reports: Generate MIS reports, along with collective and individual reports like sales, purchases, stocks, and outstanding bills, among many others.  
  3. Invoice tracking and corrections: You can track all the invoicing, sale amount, number of invoices, margins, maintain sales report, and more. It is also possible to correct any mismatch conditions in invoices. 
  4. GST Billing and return filing: With Marg billing software, you can easily create GST compliant invoices and multiple e-way bills. You can also generate financial reports, do tax calculations, and more. It supports files in Excel, JSON, and CSV format for filing GST returns. 
  5. Manage several locations: You can connect various business applications that you use to manage your business. Keep track of operations in multiple locations and create performance report for each branch.  
  6. Inventory Management: You can set reorder points to refill stock, manage focused, dump and near expiry stock level, and more. 
  7. Barcode management: It helps in encoding and keeping the information of all products in a barcode for easy tracking during billing. 
  8. Connect with customers: You can connect your mobile with the software by scanning QR code & calling the customers directly for placing the order. It is also possible to send invoices, stock and sale analysis, reports and more to the WhatsApp number of customers. 

Different Marg ERP 9+ Software Modules to Drive Your Business Growth 

  1. Payroll Software: Can be used for human resource management, compliance management, tracking information related to employee, automatic salary computation, leave and bonus management, and so on.  
  2. DMSXpert: Web-based solution to get everything at one place and manage your business chains located in multiple areas better. 
  3. Sales Force Automation (SFA): Compare how your planning for sales activities fits your corporate strategy or budget. 
  4. Corporate ERP: ERP Solutions for Retail Chain, Supply Chain, Pharma, and more. 
  5. POS: It supports mobile number wise billing, multi-mode payment and cashier management. 
  6. Barcode: It creates batch and PRP wise barcode and multiple barcodes. 
  7. Loyalty Management: You can create customer, quantity and value wise loyalty points.  
  8. Schemes & Offers: You can run the scheme on selected items and run group wise discounts.  

Potential User of Marg ERP 9 Plus Software 

Marg ERP 9+ has various features and customized modules to serve different businesses, such as: 

  1. Retail: Pharmacy, POS, supermarket, jewellery, restaurant, garment, retail shop, kirana/grocery, departmental, salon & spa, bookstore, footwear 
  2. Distribution: Pharma & healthcare, FMCG, automobile, warehouse, mandi (AADHAT), electronic appliances, jewellery, textile & apparel, import/export trading 
  3. Manufacturing: Pharmaceutical, food & beverage, ayurvedic & homeopathic, automobile, textile, assembling, process manufacturing, electronics manufacturing 

Benefits of Marg ERP 9+ Software 

  1. Lower costs due to automation of manual processes 
  2. Multiple layers of data security and defined access rights  
  3. User-friendly interface and is easy to implement. 
  4. Customizable modules as per your industry and business workflows 

Marg ERP 9 Software Price 

Marg software price starts from INR 2000/- per year. For more information regarding plans and pricing, we request you to get in touch with our product experts.    

Marg ERP Brand Details

Brand Name Marg ERP
Information MARG Compusoft is focused on the development of software solutions that focus on POS, billing, and manufacturing.
Founded Year 1992
Director/Founders Anup Singh, Sudhir Singh
Company Size 1000+ Employees
Other Products Marg POS, Marg Payroll Software, Marg Jewellery Software, Marg Mandi Software (Trial Version), Marg Counter ERP

Marg ERP 9+ Features

  • Email & SMS Integration The software offers SMS and email provisions regarding bills that are due, relevant schemes, reminders, pending forms, account
  • Data Transfer Security Marg ERP 9+ has provisions with which users can freeze the ledger’s transactions and secure their data from hackers. With this
  • Manage GST Marg ERP 9+ features various GST related tools and schemes that provide a complete GST management solution to its users.
  • Multi Currency The software supports multiple currencies, thus making it easy for the users to accept payments from various countries.
  • Contract / License Management Marg ERP 9+ has multiple tools that help users manage their contracts and license verification operations efficiently.
  • Service & Support The application has a dedicated service and support team that provides timely support to its users.
  • Troubleshooting Marg ERP 9+ provides adequate support to its users and helps them solve any service-related issues.
  • Free Upgrades Marg ERP 9+ provides efficient and timely upgrades to its users, thus optimizing their business operations.
  • Purchase Management The software ensures complete purchase management for its users by providing them with purchase-related reports and various
  • Warehouse management Marg ERP 9+ has a variety of tools and services that take care of the warehouse items of the users efficiently, thus boosting
  • Payroll Management The software has practical and effective payroll management tools that provide real-time reports along with all necessary
  • Billing & Invoicing Marg ERP 9+ ensures that its users can complete their billing procedure with less use of Enter keys. The software helps with
  • Supply Chain Management The software aims to provide a seamless bill generating procedure to its users so that they can efficiently manage their supply
  • Retail Management With the highly customizable and flexible configurations of Marg ERP 9+, you can efficiently manage and fulfill all the functions
  • MIS The software provides detailed sales reports so that you can manage your sales professionals’ work, area of profit and loss,
  • Accounting Report This application provides thousands of reports regarding your business. These reports help make a complete analysis of your
  • Sales Force Automation The software’s sales force automation feature is a fantastic gift for over-busy sales counters as it enables numerous
  • Challan Management Marg ERP 9+ has provisions for challan creation. By issuing challans, users can keep track of the loose items sold by them. They
  • Inventory Management Marg ERP 9+ provides useful stock reports so that users can efficiently manage their inventories. It enables them to maintain
  • Manufacturing The software provides efficient and advanced tools that help users to manage their manufacturing operations with ease. Right from
  • Pay Slip With this software, users can efficiently manage all their post-dated and advance pay slips from time to time.
  • Barcode The software has generated an advanced system so that users can manage international and self-barcode systems with ease.
  • Loyalty Program Marg ERP 9+ automatically generates schemes, discounts and offers, which the users can provide to their customers and clients.
  • Distribution You can manage your logistics operations, along with both front-end and back-end functions of your wholesale and distribution
  • Multi Store With Marg ERP 9+, users can operate multiple stores within a single platform. They only need to register the stores with the
  • Analytics & Reporting Marg ERP 9+ provides detailed reports to its users that are beneficial for their company. Based on those reports, users can track
  • Offer And Scheme Management This software offers various ways by which users can automatically issue offers and schemes to their customers from time to
  • Order Management This application provides an advanced and effective order management facility and enables users to load partial as well as full
  • Reminder The software offers email and SMS provisions to its users so that they can send reminders to their customers about bills and
  • Data Entry Marg ERP 9+ offers effective tools with which users can import and export data easily.
  • Multi Company Marg ERP 9+ allows users to create and operate multiple-companies within a single platform.
  • GST Registration The software provides complete end-to-end guidance to its users in their GST Registration procedure.
  • Integration Marg ERP 9+ seamlessly integrates with other Marg products and offers an active management service to its users regarding their
  • Multi-User Marg ERP 9+ offers advanced features enabling multiple-users to operate the software at the same time.
  • Real-time data sharing The software provides you with real-time data sharing features, with which you can share reports and other business-related data
  • Return Filing With the help of Marg ERP 9+, users can quickly complete all their monthly and annual return filing procedures with ease.
  • Security Marg ERP 9+ provides security to its users by enabling them to distribute and set powers and boundaries for their team members as
  • Backup & Restore The software provides reliable backup and restore facilities to its users so that none of their data is lost and each of the data
  • User Interface & Reporting Marg ERP 9+ has a friendly user interface and provides time to time detailed reports to its users, allowing them to track the

Marg ERP 9+ Plans & Pricing

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Uses of Marg accounting Software | Marg GST Software
Email & SMS Integration
Data Transfer Security
Manage GST

Marg ERP 9+ Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows Android
  • DesktopMobile
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • e-retailers, Manufacturer, Shopkeepers
  • English

Marg ERP 9+ Reviews


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Features 4.1/5
Value for Money 4.5/5
Ease of Use 4.0/5
Customer Support 4.3/5
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Subrata Mitra


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support
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“An interesting Loyalty Program”

Pros :

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Posted - Apr 3, 2020


Aishani Das


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“Easy E-mail and SMS integration”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Feb 7, 2020


Prashant Nale


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“Trust these guys they do what they say”

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Posted - Dec 1, 2016

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Marg ERP 9+

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Marg ERP 9+ FAQ

Q. How to change invoice format in Marg ERP 9? arrow

A. You can go to Masters >?Marg?Setups > Self?Format. Next, enter the password and select ‘Default invoice Formats’. Set the format and press Escape. Click ‘Yes’ to save changes.

Q. How to update Marg ERP software? arrow

A. First, close the software from all nodes and take a backup of your data. Go to official Marg website. Go to downloads tab and select the software. Fill the mandatory details and proceed.

Q. What are Marg ERP 9 all shortcut keys? arrow

A. There are many Help or Shortcut keys in Marg software. You can use Ctrl+F1 to view all while working on bills. Examples: F11 for reconciliation and ALT+E+L+B for budget.

Q. What is Marg software backup process? arrow

A. Press Esc Key in the List of Companies window?and then?press 'Yes' in the Exit window. In the new window, select Backup. Press * to select all companies. Press Enter.

Q. Is Marg accounting software demo available? arrow

A. You can book a demo on techjockey.com. For more details, contact our team.

Q. How can I register myself on Order App with Marg ERP 9+? arrow

A. After downloading Marg Order app from play store, go to Marg master >e- business >salesman set-up >choose salesman. Now, you can create your user id and password. In registration id, enter mobile id from Order App.

Q. What are the steps to place an order from eOrder App? arrow

A. Fill the asked details after opening the app. Sync and then choose Order > new Order > select client > Order > search item > fill quantity. Next, select add for more items and save after adding.

Q. What are the advantages of using eOrder app? arrow

A. With eOrder mobile app, there is no need for manual punching while placing orders. Salesmen do not need real time information like shortage, stock and clients outstanding from office. They can track order status on their own.

Q. What is the way for a salesman to track status of orders? arrow

A. Go to Order > Order List > Sync. When the order reaches distributors, first red icon will turn green. When the distributors generate the order into the bill, 2nd icon becomes green. There is an option for bill preview too. The 3rd icon shows dispatch status.

Q. Can you use Marg ERP App in offline mode? arrow

A. Yes. Although, you need Internet to send the orders.

Q. Does Marg ERP 9+ Accounting Software work on mobile? arrow

A. Marg ERP 9+ accounting software works on both Android and iOS.

Q. Is Marg ERP 9+ a cloud-based software? arrow

A. Yes, Marg ERP 9+ is a cloud-based software. It stores all the data on cloud for easy transfer and access from various branches.

Q. Can you tell the system requirements for Marg software download? arrow

A. For Marg ERP 9+, system requirements are: Processor: Intel Pentium 233 MHz or faster Memory: 128 MB RAM (min) OS: MS Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows XP, or later. Hard disk: 180 MB of free hard-disk space.

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